Vitruvian Man T Shirt, 1 color print

$25.50 $19.90

(This is an economic version of our Original Vitruvian Man T Shirt.)

This T Shirt proudly displays one of the most popular world icons: Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Vitruvian Man”. Leonardo believed the human body to be an analogy of the universe. In this extraordinary piece, he combined mathematics, art and a deep understanding of anatomy to illustrate the correlations of proportions of the human body.

A lot of designer hours went into meticulously rendering our digital version of the original. Great attention was put to details like the correct translation of the notes to English, the written characters resembling DaVinci’s handwriting, the mirroring of the text itself and the contrast with each T Shirt’s color. We are proud of this design, we hope you enjoy it. It is a conversation starter guaranteed to get countless compliments.

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